Eight Reasons You Would Be Great For Egg Donation

Egg Donation is an Incredible Experience For The Right Person

dad and mom IVFHave you ever thought about becoming an egg donor? It’s probably a redundant question since you are reading this article. You may be wondering or you are a bit curious about the screening, selection, and procedural processes involved. Yes there’s a lot involved, but there has to be! There’s a lot to gain for all parties involved. For various reasons, not everyone is able to conceive naturally. An egg donor consultant is available and committed to finding the best possible donor match for each potential family. Knowing you have helped a loving intended parent or intended family to grow can be rewarding and fulfilling experience! It doesn’t hurt that a big part of the reward is payment for your time and services as well!


Below is a list we’ve complied of the top eight (ten is so cliche) considerations to be an egg donor. See if it’s right for you!


  1. You are a non-smoker. This is rule and requirement number one. Tobacco products are very bad and been repeatedly proven to be a great hazard to the reproductive system and even unfertilized eggs.
  2. You’re both physically and mentally fit. It’s imperative that you should be both physiologically and psychologically healthy with no family history of severe congenital health problems, such as cancer or diabetes. Besides the health of the infant, you will need that fitness throughout the process of being an egg donor.
  3. You’re between 19-30 years old. Age is probably the most obvious, yet very crucial requirement. Requiring this age range helps to ensure prime reproductive health of your eggs.
  4. You have a giving spirit. Donating one’s eggs is a deeply personal gesture and not one to be taken lightly. Egg donors are compensated but there’s a whole different sense of reward from giving at this level. The ideal egg donor is a woman who enjoys the sense of helping out other young couples in a deep and profoundly moving way
  5. You’re tough and can handle what it takes. The responsibility of being an egg donor is regimented, but that doesn’t make it an easy path to follow. For one, you can’t be afraid of needles; including blood draws and self-administered medication.
  6. You have a flexible time schedule. The whole process (and a great coordinator) will make every effort to accommodate work, school, and other scheduling concerns. During the process, there are lots of factors at play, not all of which are under anyone’s direct control. A prospective egg donor needs to be patient and somewhat flexible.
  7. You could use some extra money. Your part of the egg donation process is a relatively short period of time – for which you will be compensated. Egg donor compensation covers your time, inconvenience, and the help that you’re providing.
  8. You’re human. Egg donors are needed from all races, creeds, and ethnic groups. Certain ethnic groups are especially wanted due to scarcities of available eggs in various parts of the world and within certain ethnic lines. As a result, demand is higher for eggs from women who fall within certain broadly defined categories. Compensation may be higher as a result, as well.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an egg donor after considering this list? You might know someone who has done it, or perhaps you’re simply a little curious. In any event, some part of you is probably wondering, “Is this for me?” Read on the rest of the website or check out this egg donor article for more info.