The Team


Megan Hall

Founder and Director

Megan founded Egg Donor Connections after seeing first-hand the need to offer these services along side surrogate motherhood. It is this dedication to helping others and Megan's vision & leadership that have quickly propelled this organization. Megan is directly involved with every Intended Parent and Egg Donor who becomes a part of Egg Donor Connections Connections, giving everyone the attention they deserve through this very personal process. She has both a professional and personal investment in your experience, ensuring your comfort regardless of the services provided. Megan is passionate and eager to see your dreams of a growing family come true, and also has great appreciation for the women giving the gift of life.


Mollie Hyuck

Co-Director, Egg Donor & Intended Parent Case Manager

Mollie provides support to Egg Donors and Intended Parents as they navigate this exciting journey. Her journey with infertility led to seeking more knowledge, understanding and relationships within the medical profession and communities she serves. With a background in nursing and wellness for the past 15 years, she seeks to meet intended parents and egg donors where they are at advocating on their behalf during their special and unique journey with Egg Donor Connections. With an understanding of this journey she brings support, empathy and compassion to those she humbly serves. Mollie is a wife, parent through embryo adoption and gestational surrogacy, infertility and adoption advocate and wellness enthusiast! Tel: 503-680-4711


Hollie Mentesana

Recruiter and Case Manager

Hollie’s position with Egg Donor Connections is first to assist with the recruitment and intake of top Egg Donor applicants. Ensuring each candidate meets the requirements while also clarifying their own expectations of this life changing journey is the first vital stage in being approved to move forward. Hollie will also play an important role in various journey’s as a case manager. Providing support, answering questions and generally ensuring each Egg Donor feels valued in their experience. Hollie is a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful children. In her free time she loves to travel, cook for friends, and is involved with community service in her neighborhood. Hollie’s greatest joy Is her children and she believes no one should be deprived the opportunity to become a parent. As an experienced Gestational Surrogate she was able to help a family grow by two beautiful members in 2015 and is thrilled to offer support to other carriers! Tel: 503-961-5864


Tina Allen

Executive Assitant

Tina is our administrative assistant whose job it is to support all of our office staff, egg donors, intended parents and surrogates through a successful journey! She takes her job as one of our agency advocates very seriously and with great excitement! Tina is married to a wonderful man and has two children ages 22 & 13. Her own experience and struggle with infertility brings a sense of compassion to her position. She is driven by her passion and those experiences to bring you the best surrogacy journey possible. Her extensive background in administrative work and even real estate appraising brings organization and many innovative ideas to keep our team supported and motivated. In Tina’s free time she loves spending time with family and friends outdoors in this beautiful state of Oregon! Tel: 503-489-5067