The Team


Megan Hall

Executive Director

Megan founded Egg Donor Connections after seeing first-hand the need to offer these services along side surrogate motherhood. It is this dedication to helping others and Megan's vision & leadership that have quickly propelled this organization. Megan is directly involved with every Intended Parent and Egg Donor who becomes a part of Egg Donor Connections Connections, giving everyone the attention they deserve through this very personal process. She has both a professional and personal investment in your experience, ensuring your comfort regardless of the services provided. Megan is passionate and eager to see your dreams of a growing family come true, and also has great appreciation for the women giving the gift of life.


Heather Morgan

Business Manager

Heather’s job as our office Administrative Assistant is to support our entire team not only in the regular happenings of our business but in all of the behind the scenes operations as well. Heather keeps everything running smoothly helping to coordinate travel for our surrogates and intended parents, managing accounting, general organization and supporting the entire team of gestational surrogates and intended parents as requests present themselves. Providing an immeasurable amount of support to our Executive Director, Heather is an invaluable part of our team! Heather is a wife and mom to 3 beautiful children. She came to us with many years of experience as an administrative assistant and an incredible vision for our company and her role. She is eager to support our new and existing clients on their journeys to parenthood!


Kristina Pitts

Operations Manager

Kristina is the Operations Manager and she will be on the administrative and logistic support side of our team. She will focus on streamlining operational efficiencies, workflows, statistics and the logistics of the company’s needs. Ensuring our staff has the support they need to focus on our Intended Parents and Surrogates as we provide an outstanding level of service to all. Kristina has been in the surrogate world since 2001, in that time as a Gestational Surrogate she has carried 8 babies for 6 different families and while each journey had its own ups and downs, they were all a wonderful blessing. She has over 12 years of Business Management experience along with being a Case Coordinator helping 65 families grow over the past 7 years. She is born and raised in Texas, there she lives with her husband Steve and their two amazing children. Kristina loves to watch movies, scrapbook and hang out with her family. She also spends a lot of time in the Surrogate community, sharing her experiences, giving advice and always making herself available to those with questions.


Donnye Sabo

Egg Donor & Surrogate Coordinator

Donnye's position with Egg Donor Connections is to assist in the intake process with each Egg Donor and Intended Parent. Ensuring each candidate meets the requirements while also clarifying their own expectations of this life changing journey is the first vital stage in being approved to move forward. And Helping Intended Parents begin their egg donor journey. Donnye will also play an important role in various journey’s as a case manager. Providing support, answering questions and generally ensuring each Egg Donor feels valued in their experience. Donnyé is a mother of two. And a wife to a Marine Corp Veteran. She is a twin who is married to a twin (no their twins did not marry each other). She works part time as a cosmetologist and co own a salon in Southern Oregon. In her free time she enjoys hiking and kayaking with the family, particularly during the spring and summer months. And snow shoeing during the winter. Donnyé has been a surrogate twice and helped to complete two different families. Both journeys she carried twins!