How Much Does it Cost?

There are various costs associated with using an Egg Donor that you might not have considered.  We would like to lay them out here so that you will have no surprises. This a long involved process and you shouldn’t have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Costs for Using an Egg Donor with Egg Donor Blessings

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Non-Refundable Agency Fee: $4,500

This fee is due at the time of “Reserving” your egg donor. Until this fee is paid, the donor is available to all intended parents[/tab-content]
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Egg Donor Compensation:

  • First Time Egg Donor: $5,000-$8,000
  • Repeat Egg Donor: $5,000-$10,000
  • The egg donor is the one who will request their donation compensation
  • – The donor’s compensation will be paid in two parts. The first $500 will be paid once the donor completes her screening and is determined “Eligible” according to your fertility clinic. The remainder of the compensation will be paid on the day of the donor’s egg retrieval.

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Egg Donor Insurance: $250

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Egg Donor Psychological Screening: $400

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  • Intended Parent Legal Coordination (if required by fertility clinic): $600
  • Egg Donor Legal Consultation (if requested by donor): $600

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Management of Escrow Account: $375

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Travel Expenses for Out of Town Egg Donors

  • Please note that all of these travel accommodations are estimated when the Escrow account is set up. The travel expenses include the following:
  • Hotel stay
  • Airfare for egg donor (and donor’s companion for the stimulation cycle)
  • Transportation Costs (i.e. taxi, metro, rental car, etc.)
  • $100 per diem/per day

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Medical Expenses

All medical costs related to medical screening and the IVF cycle are determined by your fertility clinic. In order to receive a full list of fees that can be expected as an intended parent, please reach out to your fertility clinic to request a list of the cost details.