Egg Donors and Families Coming Together From Portland's Family Connections Experts

Portland's egg donor experts can increase your chances of success while removing the risks associated with other fertility treatment options. It puts you in control of the journey to parenthood; and, we're here to walk you through it. Families choose Egg Donor Connections because of our experience and our values. But more than anything, they recommend our company because of our incredible team creating perfect matches between surrogates, donors and parents.

Screened Donors

All egg donors are thoroughly screened and verified for medical history, background, and education to ensure only the best.

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Privacy Assured

The privacy of all parties involved is of the utmost importance. Of course you will know everything you need to know when necessary.

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Successful Families

The highest success rate of all fertility procedures is egg donations no matter what the age of the recipient the age of the recipient.

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There are many options out there and my husband and I were very choosy about which agency we worked with. Although Megan's reputation was already great, we did the research and now we couldn't be happier... as well as being loving parents to our new daughter!

Smith-Rosen Family

How We Can Help

Donor Eggs have become one of the most viable ways to create families when in-vitro fertiliztion and other methods haven’t worked. With thorough screening of each and every donor, your healthy and happy success is all but assured

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We Walk You Through the Donor Process

When you can’t use their own eggs to conceive, a carefully selected egg donor is a smart choice.  To find out more about how to become an egg donor or how to successfully use one, ask us. Here are the basics:

  1. The entire egg donation process is anonymous. intended parents and egg donors do not meet or have personal discussions. Only necessary information is  exchanged. We handle the rest.
  2. The entire process takes a long commitment of time. In some cases this can last several weeks. It is this long commitment of time that is the reason that egg donors receive generous for their time
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